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  本文主要是用RATIO ANALYSIS 來分析企業以往的主場地位和表現,然后要根據企業實際財務狀況指出企業的VALUE DRIVERS。

  Coursework Assignment:Managing Financial Resources


  Use the following website to choose a company and perform a ratio analysis, as far as you can, to ascertain:

  the company’s historical record and position in the market

  an assessment of company performance using key ratios that are likely to be relevant

  what might appear to be the value drivers and/or the key performance indicators in the company

  Prepare an individual report dealing with items 1-3. The report should contain no more than 2000 words.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   Suggested website:


  You are not restricted to using companies and information on this website.


  Each assignment will be unique and not all of the points outlined above will be covered equally: some will emerge as more important than others. In essence, you have to identify a focus and develop it.

  Further advice and guidance will be provided in the lecture.


  Coursework on this module requires dual submission. You must hand in a hard copy to the Student Support Office (post into the white postgraduate submission boxes outside the office) on or before the stated deadline. You must also submit a soft copy via Turnitin on or before the stated deadline. Turnitin is a plagiarism and collusion detection system. If you do not submit to Turnitin your work will not be marked. Failure to submit an identical version via Turnitin compared to your hard copy will attract a penalty of 10 marks.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   To submit via Turnitin, go to the assessment area for the module on VITAL and you will find a link for the coursework. Click on View/Complete and then on the “submit” icon for the paper. You are then prompted to submit a title for the paper. Use the “browse” button to locate the file you want to submit, then click “submit”. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to submit by clicking the “Yes, submit” button.


  Printed reports to be submitted to the Postgraduate Office by noon, Tuesday 15 January 2013. Copies to Turnitun to be submitted by the same time and date.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   Assessment format:

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   This work will comprise 50% of your overall mark for the module.


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