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  Global Hospitality: Themes and Brands

  Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry

  Employment in the hospitality industry: human resource strategy

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   The personnel function in the hospitality industry

  bLecture Overview

  bTwo major inputs into a hospitality enterprise: people and capital

  bThe importance of Human Resource Management

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bTrends and challenges in HRM

  bReward systems

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bImportance of human resource management

  bProductive part of labour



  ?abilities and similar attributes / attitude

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bSuccess depends on effective management of human resources

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bHuman resources hold the key to the hotel’s objectives of productivity, quality and service

  bSuccess and survival

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bNeed for commitment to job satisfaction and employees satisfaction at work

  bTraining impacts on the quality of customer service and productivity

  bHotels work in an increasingly competitive environment

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bHRM is therefore part of the firm’s overall strategy

  bStrategy implications

  bMatching managerial style or human resource activities with strategies of our organisation

  bForecasting human resource requirements, given certain organisational strategic objectives and environmental conditions

  bPresenting means for integrating HRM into the overall strategy

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bOperational role

  bRecruiting and selecting

  bEmployee development and training

  bReviewing workplace health and safety issues

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bResolving employee complaints / grievances

  bAdministering employee payroll and benefits programmes

  bChanges and challenges

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bEconomic and business changes

  bDemographic changes within the workforce

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bChanges in work patterns

  bSocial changes

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bTechnological developments

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bEconomic and business changes

  bShifts from manufacturing to service industries

  bIncreasing number of business mergers and strategic alliances

  bAn increasingly global and economic environment

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bIntensifying domestic and international competition

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bThe constant need for organizational restructuring

  bDemographic changes within the workforce

  bWomen’s entrance into the workforce

  bIncrease of ethnic minorities

  bIncreasing number of duel career families

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bIncreasing number of labour force entrants with inadequate skills

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bChanging composition of the workforce with respect to gender, age, ethnicity, family status, life style, physical ability/ qualities, or any combination of these

  bAre you safe in hospitality?

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bBBC: Germany's 'robot' restaurant


Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bHR Basics: Learning and Development


Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bWhat Is Human Resource Development?


Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bHow to Make employees efficent


  bTraining Video: Corporate Employee Retention HR

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bChanges in work patterns

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bChanging work schedules ( flexitime, compressed week and other alternative work schedules)

  bGrowth of contingent workers ( part timers, temporary employees, subcontractors, etc)

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bTelecommuting ( working at home)

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bExpatriation

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bTechnological developments

  bElectronic workplaces

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bIncreasing reliance on automation and technology

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bMore sophisticated information and communication technology

  bThe rapid development of the information superhighway

  bSocial changes

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bIncreasing diversity, multi-ethnicity and multi-culturalism

  bIncreasing social / government legislation

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bGreater concern for employee rights and privacy and confidentiality of personal information

  bGreater awareness of legal and ethical issues in the workplace

  bDevelopment stages of HRM -1

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bDevelopment stages of HRM -2

  bSelected functions of Human Resource Management

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bHuman resource planning

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bHuman resource recruitment

  bHuman resource training and development

  bCompensation strategies in human resource management


  the process by which management determines how the organisation should move from its current manpower position to its desired position.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   Through planning management strives to have the right number and the right kinds of people , at the right places , at the right time, doing things which result in both the organisation and the individual receiving maximum long term benefits.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bHuman Resource Recruitment

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bIdentifying qualified job candidates; internal, external

  bAdvantages of recruiting from within

  bExternal recruiting sources

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bInnovation in terms of non traditional labour sources

  bRecruitment conveys the image and reputation of the organisation

  The Paradox

  bShortage of workers with adequate skills

  bNeed to reduce human resource surpluses

  bHuman resource training and development

  bEmphasis is on skills, knowledge, behaviour or attitude in order to improve current or future job performance

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bTraining: knowledge and skills for present job

  bDevelopment: new knowledge and skills for present and future jobs

  bResults: a competitive advantage

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bFour phases of training design

  bAssessing training needs

  bSetting the training objectives

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bSelecting the training methods

  bEvaluating the training process and the training programme

  bTraining : the issues

  bNeeds : organisational, tasks, employee analysis

  bObjectives : specific and quantifiable

  bMethods : on or off the job


Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   ?mentoring

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   ?job rotation

  ?class room training

  ?case studies

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   ?group discussion

  bEvaluation : related to objectives

  bEvaluation criteria


  –refers to trainees judgements of the usefulness of the training programme and the quality of its delivery

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bLearning

  –refers to the extent to which principles , facts and techniques are understood and retained by trainees

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bBehaviour

  –relates to changes in job related behaviours or performance that can be attributed to training


Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   –refers to the extent to which the organisation realises tangible outcomes that can be attributed to training

  –enhanced productivity, lower labour costs, or higher product or service quality and higher customer satisfaction levels

  bCompensation strategies in human resource management

  bTwo themes : efficiency and equity


Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   battracting potential job candidates

  bretaining current valued employees

  benhancing productivity

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bincreasing satisfaction

  bmaintaining proper control over costs

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bJob candidates need enthusiasm in tough market

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bSummary

  bThe need to value and properly manage workforce activity

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bThe need to accommodate a heterogeneous workforce and create alternative work schedules

  bEmployee rights versus business requirements

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bGovernment regulations

  bInvestment in training

  bSelection and compensation set within an organisation’s overall strategy

  bPortfolio International


Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bFurther reading

  bBrotherton B. (2000) Introduction to the UK Hospitality Industry: A Comparative Approach Butterworth Heinemann, Chapter 5: Work patterns and employment practices, pp.93-120

  bBaum, T. (ed.) (1993) Human Resources Issues in International Tourism, Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann

  bJones, P. and Pizam, A. (eds) (1993) The International Hospitality Industry: Organizational and Operational Issues, Chichester: Wiley

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bLashley, C, and Morrison, A. (2000) In Search of Hospitality, Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bGuerrier, Y. (1999) Organizational Behaviour in Hotels and Restaurants: An international perspective, Chichester: Wiley

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bFurther reading…

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   bDavidson, M, McPhail, R, & Barry, S 2011, 'Hospitality HRM: past, present and the future', International Journal Of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 23, 4, pp. 498-516, Hospitality & Tourism Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 27 February 2013.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   Assessment Three (50%)

  Evaluative report on a selected contemporary theme

  Following your presentation, you are requested to produce an individual, evaluative report, expanding on the theme / topic you have selected for your presentation. Take into account the themes suggested in this module as well as the comments received from your colleagues and your tutor so far and discuss these in relation to appropriate academic models / theories. Suggest possible solutions for a way forward for your company.

  Assessment Guidelines

  Your report needs to include a critical evaluation, of an analytical, not purely descriptive nature.

  The work should demonstrate a depth of research and wider reading. Application of appropriate strategic theory should be apparent.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   All sources should be appropriately cited and a bibliography and/or references should be presented with the report.

  The work should be produced to a high standard with a lack of grammatical and typographical error.

  Submission information

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   Your report will be 2500 words (maximum of 2750, a 10% leeway). Please state the word count at the end of the report. Quotations in the text will count towards the word total; they should not be excessive.

  The pages of your work must be numbered. Please use Arial or Times New Roman font, size 12, justified, with 1.5 line spacing.


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