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literature review怎么寫?英國教授來教您

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literature view怎么寫呢?英國教授來教您。一篇評論文章是作者對某一專題的一些作品進行評價和分析的作品。它不同于你寫過的大多數文章,因為它沒有提出特定的論點或回答特定的問題。評論文章往往是更大作品的一部分。例如,你需要為你最后一年的論文寫一篇文獻復習章。這學期你寫的評論論文的范圍要比你準備論文的文獻評論窄得多。盡管如此,它仍然應該被看作是一個更大的工作的一部分,因為它應該為你的主文準備這個模塊的方式。

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   A review essay is a work in which the author assesses and analyzes a number of works on a particular topic. It is different from most of the essays that you may have written in that it does not make a particular argument or answer a particular question. A review essay is often part of a larger work. You will, for instance, need to write a literature review chapter for your final-year dissertation. The review essay that you write this semester will be much narrower in scope than the literature review that you prepare for your dissertation. Nevertheless, it should still be seen as part of a larger work in that it should prepare the way for your main essay for this module.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   你的評論文章應該是你的主要論文的研究過程開始的結果。你應該馬上開始為主要論文撰寫書目。然后,該模塊的復習論文應以4-5篇高質量的學術期刊文章為基礎。評論應該對這些文章進行批判性分析。它不應該是一個“書報”,也就是說,它不應該簡單地概括文章所說的內容。相反,你應該在每一篇文章中尋找與你的文章問題最相關的要點。然后比較每個作者在這些點上所說的。你應該在與文章最相關的問題上培養作者之間的爭論和/或一致性。一篇評論文章(或一篇好的文獻綜述)的目的是展示你對你正在處理的主題的知識。

  Your review essay should be the result of the beginning of your research process for your main essay. You should begin building the bibliography for the main essay right away. Then the review essay for this module should be based on 4-5 high quality academic journal articles from that bibliography. The review should analyze these articles critically. It should not be a ‘book report’, i.e. it should not simply summarize what the articles say. You should, rather, search each article for points that are most relevant to your essay question. Then compare what each of the authors says on these points. You should develop a sense of debate and/or agreement amongst the authors on the issues most relevant to your essay. The goal of a review essay (or a good literature review) is to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic with which you are dealing.

  Like any piece of written work a review essay should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. As with any piece of written work you may find it helpful to write the introduction last. The purpose of the introduction is to introduce the piece of work. This is easier to do once the piece actually exists.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   The body of the work will be where you discuss the articles you are reviewing. This can be done chronologically or thematically. For your purposes you will usually find a thematic structure most effective. That is, to talk about the issues and ideas that all of the articles have in common, one theme or idea at a time. This makes it easier to highlight debates or consensus within the literature. Alternatively you might choose a chronological structure, but only if you can show the development of knowledge in the area of your study over time. In a chronological structure you must show how the ideas in one article lead to another.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   After composing the body of your work, write a brief conclusion explaining the main value of the literature you’ve read in relation to the essay you will write. After that, write an introduction that explains what the purpose of the review is, what it accomplishes, and (briefly) introduces the articles you will review.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   Points to keep in mind:

  · It is true that you are the one criticizing and assessing the articles, however, you should avoid phrases like, ‘in my opinion’. Many people are not giving themselves enough credit when they say ‘in my opinion’. Often they are not really talking about a ‘gut’ feeling at all but rather a considered assessment based on what has been read. If what you have read leads you to a particular assessment of something, then explain the steps that led to that assessment. Don’t just call it an ‘opinion’. Refer to the other works that have led to your assessment. You may, therefore, need to use additional sources other than the main 4 or 5 that you are reviewing in the essay.

  · Keep your use of direct quotations to a minimum. Only use a direct quotation if the author says something unique, in a unique way. Otherwise, paraphrase the ideas in your own voice. (But still credit the author in a citation.)

  · As with all written work, all information that is not your original analysis (whether it be direct quotation or paraphrase) must be credited with correct citation and references.

Essaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分   Your review essay will be assessed on the following criteria. Please keep these in mind as you prepare your work.

Coherence & quality of article selection: That is, the degree to which the articles chosen for review are relevant choices for your topic and are high quality academic journal articles.

Clarity and structure of explanations: That is, the degree to which you appear to have understood and explained the key points of your articles.

Presentation: spelling, punctuation and grammar. That is, the degree to which your paper is free from basic, avoidable errors in presentation. This includes the correct presentation of your bibliography.

Integration of articles: That is, the degree to which you have demonstrated your understanding of the interrelationship of the literature reviewed. Assessors will look for explanation of where your chosen authors support one another’s ideas and where there are disagreements and debates.

Critical analysis and discussion: That is, the degree to which your review offers analysis that demonstrates your understanding of the connections between OB concepts, your chosen question, and your selected literature. The assessor will be looking at the degree to which the information in your literature review seems to promise a coherent answer to the essay question.



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